Small Groups

What is a Small Group? A Small Group is simply a small group of people from all different backgrounds taking the next steps in Jesus together.  This is where people “Come to Jesus”, “Follow Him” and “Serve Him and Others”.
Why should I join a Small Group? At Heartland Free we refuse to live life alone!  If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you should probably join a Life Group…
  • Would you like a safe place to share your thoughts, questions, experiences, and  doubts regarding your relationship with God and your faith journey?
  • Would you like to have people in your life that pray for you and are willing to  serve and care for you when you need help?
  • Would you like “church” to go beyond what you experience on Sunday mornings?

How do I join a Small Group? It’s simple, just contact Pastor Jeff at or call the church office (320-274-8951)